Ruler British is presently Lord Blockchain

Lord British is now Lord Blockchain

Richard Garriott is one of the most powerful and effective RPG architects ever. He’ll be everlastingly connected with the Ultima series, which he started in 1981 with what is considered both a spearheading work for RPG plan and the principal open world game. Garriott would at last plan and direct nine mainline Ultima games as well as Ultima Online-once more, a trailblazer in MMO plan before a spell at NCSoft, the primary result of which was the doomed Tabula Rasa (and a later lawsuit).

As on the off chance that that wasn’t enough for one lifetime, Garriott is likewise a space explorer: he took a self-supported space trip in 2008, continuing in the strides of his space traveler father Owen Garriott. Garriott partook in the initial zero gravity wedding in June 2009 with his significant other Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux. All the more as of late, last year Garriott headed out to the lower part of the Mariana Trench, and was chosen leader of the Explorers’ Club.

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