Sam Houston State understudies experience class through the metaverse

Sam Houston State students experience class through the metaverse

HUNTSVILLE, Texas – The mass correspondence division at Sam Houston State University has another media stage class presenting computer generated reality through an Oculus headset.

Wojciech Lorenc is the seat of the mass correspondence office as well as an academic partner at Sam Houston State University and shows an arising new media class.

“The new media platform class focuses on emerging media platforms and of course, virtual reality, became a really important topic of discussion last year and it was natural for us to extend the topic of that class to include virtual reality as well,” said Wojciech.

While understudies might have been utilized to a Zoom setting before, they are currently meeting in the metaverse.

“This class has never met in person. I have never met this group of students in person. We never met on Zoom either. The only place we actually met was the virtual replica of our university’s park and plaza, and we meet in virtual reality. We have discussions in virtual reality and really, the entire class is conducted in virtual reality.”

One senior shared how she learned through an Instagram post that her class would be held in the metaverse.

“I found out on Instagram actually,” Genevieve Wilson, senior at Sam Houston State University said. “I saw Wojciech holding an Oculus in front of all these Oculus boxes and the caption was ‘new media platform will be held exclusively VR’ and I was like, no. This is a joke. I was like wow, our world has changed a lot for me to be finding this out through our school’s social media.”

The understudies are chipping away at a significant task from the perspective of an Oculus headset.

“The big assignment that my students are actually working on right now is actually making a short film in the metaverse,” said Wojciech. “So in the same way we make short films in this department, using actors and using cinematographers and directors, it’s exactly the same process except every single one of these team members is in virtual reality. “

Wilson shared how she enjoyed being able to put together a virtual project with her team.

“The goal is to creatively make something with all of these limitations so just have fun with it and it’ll be good and we did,” said Wilson. It was loads of tomfoolery. It was about a young lady (me) at a phony VR bar simply sitting alone and these two people only sort of come dependent upon me and utilize genuinely horrendous pickup lines and I vanish on them.”

Wojciech is anticipating his understudies being ready for a future work environment that could rotate around virtual reality.

“It is very important for the mass communication department to incorporate virtual reality into our curriculum,” said Wojciech. We need to ensure that we set up our understudies for vocations of things to come. We would simply prefer not to set them up for occupations that existed previously or exist at the present time. We need to ensure that when our understudies graduate, they are prepared for whatever is coming next.

Mass correspondence understudies will keep on chipping away at inventive activities all through the semester and partake in all the fun in a virtual world.c

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