SecondLive and Innocent Cats Host Quavo for Metaverse Concert

SecondLive & Innocent Cats Host Quavo for Metaverse Concert

SecondLive Metaverse, second April 2022: On April 15, “legendary” hip-bounce craftsman Quavo will make that big appearance in the SecondLive Concert Stadium. This will be the very first show held in the SecondLive Metaverse as a component of the Innocent Cats joint effort. SecondLive is the main Metaverse project that can have 5,000 simultaneous clients, implying that Quavo will play the biggest ever Metaverse concert.

The metaverse effectively held a few authority occasions for BNB Chain and right now has intends to hold various other huge scope occasions, demonstrating the SecondLive foundation’s capacity to flourish under high-load during client made shows. This will be additionally upheld by a shift towards multichain activities, which would permit SecondLive to venture into chains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and others.

The First Large Scale Metaverse Event

When Quavo hits the virtual stage, concert attendees will actually want to take in the climate made by the as of late planned arena. It is critical to take note of that SecondLive is the just metaverse available that flaunts a sensible plan that has presently turned into the norm in the medium. Quavo is an American rapper and record maker, at present the frontman of hip bounce sensation Migos. With in excess of 17 million month to month audience members on Spotify, this show is supposed to sell out in record time.

Slated to start at 12:00 UTC, the set rundown comprises of a portion of Quavo’s greatest hits. The bill is as follows:

Sheep TALK
Workin Me
Go All The Way
Paper Over Here
Strub Tha Ground
Go Off

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