SM Entertainment organizer Lee Soo-man talks the metaverse and his ‘Future Vision of K-Pop’

SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man talks the metaverse and his ‘Future Vision of K-Pop’

Lee Soo-man, pioneer and Chief Producer of K-Pop goliath SM Entertainment, conveyed a discourse at Stanford University on Friday (May 20) at a meeting praising the twentieth commemoration of Stanford University’s Korea Program.

SM Entertainment specialists incorporate any semblance of aespa, as well as NCT, Red Velvet, SUPER JUNIOR and EXO, who’s part Suho likewise gave a discourse at the event.

Other participants at the gathering included previous UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, previous UN Ambassador Kim Sook, and previous EU Ambassador Park Joon-charm.

Lee’s discourse focused on the “Future Vision of K-Pop,” in which he separated the ideas of what he calls the “Play2Create (P2C)” biological system, in which he supports fans, or ‘prosumers’, to make content utilizing SM-related protected innovation (IP) to produce revenue.

He says that, inside this blockchain-based environment, which he says frames part of a “new” maker economy, “anyone can use the original content IPs to enjoy and create new [content] again through recreation, and generate revenue”.

Added SM’s pioneer: “Original content will be transformed back into Recreatable Contents [sic] that prosumers can newly create, and will become the foundation for many future artists, creators, and prosumers who strive to achieve their dreams of innovation and creation.”

He additionally explained on the ‘SM Culture Universe’ (SMCU).

SMCU is a

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