Snare’s 3D-printed stops up will keep you comfortable in the metaverse and IRL

Ambush's 3D-printed clogs will keep you comfy in the metaverse and IRL

Ambush is ensuring its next sets of kicks truly deserve the multiverse. The brand is formally sending off the cutting edge “100S” slip-on obstruct in organization with Zellerfeld, a 3D-printing footwear organization. The manageable shoe will deliver in restricted numbers as a genuine item as well as a NFT.

A plan that simply clicks — An image of supportable innovation, the task utilizes Zellerfeld’s 3D-printing practices to make a shoe with harmless to the ecosystem plan, recyclable materials, and sans sweatshop creation. Albeit the obstruct is right now in its model stage, each shoe is specially made and, on account of the 3D printing, can be changed in accordance with the wearer’s particulars. The venture likewise needed the support of footwear fashioner Finn-Rush Taylor, who helped out in the idea and plan of the “100S.”

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