Space explorer Launches first NFT, Raises $500K To Help Ukraine Fight Russia |


A previous NASA space explorer who spent almost a year on the International Space Station is the furthest down the line well known person to deliver non-fungible tokens.

Scott Kelly is sending off his first NFT assemblage, “Dreams Out of This World,” today, on International Day of Human Space Flight, to help Ukraine’s compassionate endeavors notwithstanding Russia’s war.

Orange Comet, a substance advancement studio, made the NFT. Kelly and the studio have vowed to give 100% of the underlying drop’s net income to The Global Empowerment Mission on the side of their work in Ukraine.

The show of the NFT is likewise intended to draw in standard crowds to crypto and urge them to investigate the obscure, similar as he did during his initial space flight days.

Sold Out

Kelly’s assortment includes 3,333 works of generative workmanship that are by and by available to be purchased on OpenSea. Each picture portrays the space traveler in an assortment of settings, such as drifting in space, wearing a gorilla suit, or hung in the shades of Ukraine’s flag.

His whole NFT assortment sold out in only a couple of hours, raising more than $500,000.

“My story is not typical of an astronaut. I was a poor student growing up – I struggled in school and was a bit of a daydreamer,” Kelly shared to

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Record-Holder Astronaut

Kelly is likewise a resigned US Navy commander and a previous military test and military pilot and designer. On three journeys, he filled in as officer of the ISS.

In October 2015, he laid out another record for the complete number of days spent in space, making it the longest space mission at any point attempted by an American astronaut.

Kelly expressed that he was roused by a book – Tom Wolfe’s “The Right Stuff” – thus trusts earnestly in the thought that “inspiration, when used correctly and to the right person at the right moment, may produce amazing results.”

“I have a strong belief in technology. I was quite interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology — perhaps not early enough, but in the last few years,” Kelly explained.

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Book Author and Crypto Believer

His passage into the NFT field is a characteristic continuation for this space pioneer, who considers computerized craftsmanship as the basic structure squares of the metaverse – a spic and span advanced world that is yet in its earliest stages yet offers boundless possibilities.

He distributed a book of his space pictures in 2018 and has since wrote different volumes, including one named “Ready to Launch” that was delivered today.

Kelly has circled the Earth in excess of multiple times and voyaged in excess of 200 million miles, furnishing him with a remarkable viewpoint. He has additionally flown over or ventured out to various puts on Earth.

“I believe that the metaverse, cryptocurrency and blockchain will all play a significant role in our future,” he said. “As a result, it seemed like the appropriate time for me to become involved.”

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