Speeding up the Fusion of Real and Metaverse, AR Cloud

Accelerating the Fusion of Real and Metaverse, AR Cloud

TOKYO, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Pretia Technologies, Inc. sent off the AR cloud stage “Pretia” on April 26, which is integrating VPS and multiplayer.

■ About “Pretia”

Pretia is the AR cloud stage that makes it simple to foster AR experiences.

Official film: https://youtu.be/A2NPXsQ7e9U

Official site: https://arcloud.pretiaar.com/en/

Components of Pretia

Pretia provides the following tools based on development with Unity

This dedicated smartphone application is for making point cloud-based 3Dmap. It runs on Android, with an iOS version to be released within a few months, and no depth sensor such as LiDAR is required.



There is a site for getting sorted out 3Dmap, the application, and individuals, which chips away at browsers.


SDK is for interfacing Unity and Pretia servers, which supports bringing in 3Dmap to Unity, and installing AR content into the space.



■ AR experiences that Pretia enables

Using Pretia, users can enable:

RPG that organizes parties for a group of people;Advertisements that begin to move;AR-enabled puzzle games;Apps that display a lot of product information;Navigation in a warehouse or a distribution/logistics base;Visual operation manual at a plant/factory.

Pretia is able to be used in both B2C and B2B cases.

■ Key function 

3D mapping (point cloud based)
Fast 3D mapping using the dedicated scanning app.
  3Dmap extension/synthesis
Extend the created map as necessary or even synthesize the maps from different time slots; this lessens the risk of failure of localization.
  Content authoring
Place the object by using the scanning app to easily place the AR object on Unity. 
  Organize team/Member
For easy group development, as well as adding, removing, and changing the access rights for each member.
Quickly localize and track the location/motion based on the prepared 3Dmap. accurately delivering the AR experience to end users. Relocalization is available on both Android and iOS (ARCore and ARKit must be supported).
Enable the development of AR experiences that multiple users can share at the same time. Pretia provides its own multiplay cloud server. 

■ Service Overview

How to start to use

Create an account on the official website.

Required Specs

Unity: 2020.3 LTS version
iOS: iOS 11.0 or higher (A9 or later processor) with ARKit
Android: Android 7.0 or higher with ARCore

■ Current status and future of Pretia

Having started pre-registration for closed beta in March 2021, over 300 users across the globe had registered, and Pretia has received an extremely good rating by active users with an NPS score of 33.

Research and development will carry on after this official launch and keep working for faster relocalization, enhanced user experiences, and new feature additions to realize the corporate mission to “Empower cooperative accomplishment” through AR.

■ For requests in regards to this press release

Pretia Technologies, Inc.
mail: [email protected]

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