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Notable model/photographic artist and filmmaker

 Steven Lyon delivers first NFT drop in Aid of Ukraine’s  war casualty children.



Pinhole.Art is delivering another mind blowing NFT assortment, this time by popular photographic artist, producer and untamed life activist Steven Lyon.

Los Angeles, USA – March 24th, 2022 – After being found by Andy Warhol in Hollywood followed by an incredible displaying profession in the 80’s and 90’s. Lyon has since taken up a film camera and has been making craftsmanship for north of 30 years, this time his subject isn’t supermodels or VIPs like Serena Williams and Chris Cornell. Also, not even the abrasive natural life pictures that he is known for, yet presently consolidating those pictures and his creativity mixed by the bloodbath in Ukraine. Lyon takes us on a convincing excursion causing us eyes and to notice the connection between individuals, siblings at war. The shared characteristic in people and what makes the biggest difference to us.

This is Lyons first NFT drop with more approaching future. On the assortment Steven Lyon commented: 

“The art pieces I’ve created from my own fine art works are meant to show the tragic demise of the love and friendship these two amazing cultures had for each other just one month ago. I’ve created 5 NFT pieces that meant so much to me as an artist for their beauty. Now they say something else. I know I won’t be on a plane to bear arms and fight so I created these NFT images with the proceeds going to help the war torn Ukrainian people.”


“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”

                                                                                                             ~ Howard Zinn

100% of the benefits of each NFT deal is going straightforwardly to All Hands and Hearts Foundation, established by Steven’s long-lasting companion, model and giver Petra Nemcova, to help their crucial endeavors to give philanthropic alleviation to individuals of Ukraine. 

All Hands and Hearts has sent a group and are on the ground in Poland supporting different endeavors zeroed in on empowering the protected entry of impaired kids and went with kids across the Ukrainian border. 

Trendy computerized workmanship display is delivering the “The Freedom Drop” in a joint effort with famous commercial center Opensea, accessible from March 24th, 2022,

Pinhole commented: “This is a very thought provoking and symbolic collection of NFTs that we became fascinated with as the Ukraine crisis was unfolding, not only is it attractive for wallets worldwide but, along with Steven Lyon, we are dedicating the profits to help the ones who need it the most- the victims of this catastrophic war. The war has put many things into perspective for us and highlighted over again our fundamental need for freedom.”


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Pinhole is an advanced craftsmanship exhibition – the better approach for gathering visual craftsmanship. Laid out in 2021, Pinhole works with the offer of the world’s most notable visual work as NFTs. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are advanced entertainments of craftsmanships that are interesting to their proprietor and are sold and approved through the Ethereum blockchain utilizing a NFT commercial center and have teamed up with abilities, for example, Marco Glaviano, Cindy Crawford, Alexis Ren and more. 

 Pinhole intends to investigate the association between conventional workmanship and photography, further obscuring the separation of craftsmanship gathering and innovation, and usher in a totally new flood of purchasers, authorities and fans across the world.  



OpenSea is an American internet based non-fungible symbolic commercial center settled in New York City. The organization was established by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017. OpenSea offers a commercial center taking into account non-fungible tokens to be sold straightforwardly at a proper cost, or through a sale, in view of the Ethereum ERC-721 norm and the layer-2 scaling answer for Ethereum Polygon.

About Steven Lyon 

Hailing from Los Angeles, photographic artist, essayist and chief, Lyon has been viewed as a puzzle inside his industry of the workmanship world and a genuine renaissance visionary. He has designed an imaginative heritage both in front and behind the camera for more than three decades.

It was in the mid 80’s that he was first found by Andy Warhol’s focal point as a model for his new Interview magazine. Considered one of the top male models on the planet all through the 80s and 90s, he is as yet one of the globally perceived, design models of this era.

For the beyond 25 years he drenched himself into the style universe of Paris – just this time, on the opposite side of the focal point, as a compelling artwork, style, VIP and untamed life picture taker. Lyon drew motivation from the film particularly film noir and German Expressionist cinematography.

In the city of lights, he laid down a good foundation for himself as an inventive director, some of the time flippant, a marginal dissident, strolling his own way in the worldwide, design photography, field. Lyon’s work has been shown all through the exhibitions of Europe, and distributed in various magazines including, Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ, however for the most part in driving workmanship house magazines.

For the beyond 8 years, Lyon has been underway of a component narrative film shot Africa called, “Something that Matters”. This piercing narrative takes a crude, direct glance at the heightening emergency of poaching and debasement, which compromises elimination of the whole Rhino species. Lyon has logged north of 1,000 km, by walking, on an excellent trip in the African Bush looking for the genuine story behind this crisis.

In 2013 Steven Lyon established a not-for-profit association suitably named Lyonheartlove. The narrative, is the debut project under the support of the organization.

After a three-decade stretch abroad and in NYC, Steven Lyon has at last gotten back to his old neighborhood of Los Angeles where he established and is acting editorial manager in head of another craftsmanship distribution named “INDULGE”. It’s a workmanship and picture based half-yearly distribution taking care of film photography profiling ace photographic artists and artist.

Lyon proceeds with his energetic work on the situation of the Rhinos and will make a big appearance his narrative, “Something That Matters”, in Spring 2023


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