Tetraguard Hits the Market Poised to Disrupt Equity and Crypto ETF’s

Tetraguard is the First Decentralized ETF, Housing Bitcoin, Etherium and PAX Gold + QUAD, a Fee Sharing Token

Miami, Florida – April 26, 2022 – SmartBlocks, an office zeroed in on the turn of events and execution of showcasing systems for digital currency innovation and organizations, is satisfied to declare the main decentralized charge creating container of coins sent on the Ethereum blockchain – Tetraguard (TETRA) (Tetraguard.io) – is presently accessible. The TETRA token is made out of wrapped coins including wrapped BTC, wrapped PAXG, ETH, and the Quadron (QUAD) token holding exchange charges and marked ETH. The exchange charges and marked ETH are shared on a supportive of rata premise among all TETRA holders. No outsider at any point holds these resources, in this manner effectuating a 100 percent trustless and straightforward interaction that is completely decentralized.

“The goal of Tetraguard is to make it easy to purchase a basket of high-performing wrapped coins plus the QUAD, a rewards token that shares transaction fees with all TETRA holders,” expressed Mark Fidelman, the Founder of SmartBlocks. “Instead of the fees going to exchanges, Tetraguard automatically distributes the fees to all Tetraguard token holders and the TETRA also uses its own automated decentralized trading algorithm to automatically mint and cancel TETRA tokens as they are bought and sold. All assets are stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain and are not controlled, managed or stored by any third party.”

The principle benefit for stakers comes from exchanges. The convention naturally gathers in the QUAD charge token, the exchange expenses and marked ETH each time a TETRA is traded. The charges and marked ETH are then algorithmically assigned on a favorable to rata premise to every single symbolic holder. In this manner, the addition for stakers will come from their auto-intensifying equilibriums.

This isn’t a requesting to trade, SmartBlocks is a symbolic holder of the Quad token, and Mark Fidelman is a control individual of SmartBlocks, and as to such an extent that element and individual might profit from any cost appreciation, as well as any known or obscure offshoots as of now.


About SmartBlocks

SmartBlocks is an office committed to creating and executing promoting techniques for digital money innovations and organizations. Their conviction is in this present reality where productive digital money ventures are simple, secure, and accessible to everybody, paying little mind to economic wellbeing or geolocation. By separating the essentials of blockchain and crypto’s, SmartBlocks will probably give the public the apparatuses to make putting resources into crypto simple and tomfoolery.

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About Mark Fidelman

Mark Fidelman is the pioneer behind SmartBlocks.Agency. Mark is an internationally perceived thought pioneer regarding the matter of cryptographic money and web based business. He was an essayist for Forbes and has talked with many Global 3000 CXOs and talks and expounds consistently on what they are meaning for the present business His experience incorporates over twenty years of innovation deals, promoting and client experience with associations including NFT pioneer WAX.io. Mark has been named a 2017 Top 20 force to be reckoned with of CMOs by Forbes Magazine, a Top 25 Social Media Keynote Speaker by Inc Magazine, and a Huffington Post Top 50 Most Social CEO. Mark has the well known Cryptonized! YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/fanaticsmedia on the most blazing crypto trends.

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