Starting around 2019, Kristen Visbal, the craftsman behind the Fearless Girl sculpture that broadly gone head to head against Wall Street’s notable Charging Bull, has been waging a legal battle against the organization that supported the installation.

The publicizing office McCann appointed the figure as a component of a showcasing effort for the resource the executives firm State Street Global Advisors, which took care of the creation costs. After the model was introduced, on International Women’s Day in 2017, it promptly circulated around the web. Visbal made 25 extra versions of the work, each estimated at $250,000. State Street sued, contending that the craftsman was making unapproved duplicates infringing upon its trademark.

Now, Visbal is making a NFT as a method for raising assets for her lawful expenses, which stand at $3.3 million, and to advance the sculpture’s women’s activist message.

“This lawsuit has essentially ruined my life,” she told Artnet News.

“In the beginning, I said ‘forget it. I’m not a digital artist—I can’t do that,’” Visbal said. “But I am Fearless Girl in every sense of the name, not only in my lawsuit, but also trying to forge these NFTs in a community that I am only starting to become part of—and I really enjoy it!”

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