The Complete Guide to the Upcoming Roko NFT Project for 2022

The Complete Guide to the Upcoming Roko NFT Project for 2022

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs to put it plainly, are units of information put away on a blockchain, that not at all like cryptographic forms of money, can not be exchanged. They can be related with computerized records, whether it be pictures, recordings, sound, and can be sold and exchanged. These tokens address responsibility for connected records. No two NFTs are something very similar, each piece is unique.

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The originally realized NFT was made by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash in 2014 and is known by the name „Quantum”. Expanded prevalence and public interest for NFTs came after 2017, when a web based game pointed out CryptoKitties brought public it. From that point forward, countless NFT projects have been sent off, and in the initial three months of 2021 alone, a greater number of than US$200 million were spent on NFTs. Today, non-fungible tokens demonstrate a creative method for trading computerized work of art that is connected to it. Possessing a NFT can mean being authorized to involve this computerized resource for individual, non-business use, albeit the copyright is typically not given to the purchaser. Other than possession and trade of remarkable advanced work of art, responsibility for NFTs can be an entry key to private communities.

Here the Roko Clan is presented. Offering computerized collectibles, Roko Clan stands apart with 4 fundamental arrangements of NFTs, went before by private deal set. This makes dynamic valuing and clear advantages to joining the local area. Individuals just giveaways and whitelisting are among the advantages of joining the tribe. Individuals from the faction are urged to be dynamic in independent direction, in type of impact to the manga, as well as deciding in favor of gifts and initiatives.

What is genuinely special about the Roko Clan is that the account of the NFTs depend on a realistic novel and manga, that can be opened in advances. The scene is set in Blockchain City, and the enamoring story follows a youthful Roko, who saw the merciless homicide of his dad by the Don Satoshi, and grows up to be a solid opponent. He is set unyielding to turn into the future Don of the City, and delivery it from the indecent rule of Don Satoshi.

Among countless stages running on the track of blockchain-based non-fungible tokens, the accompanying reasons recognize the Roko Clan from the masses:

Discounts and giveaways – The underpinning of the Roko Clan is based upon generousity. Accordingly, the Roko Clan will take a lot of care of its individuals in types of limits, giveaways, and a voice in direction. Among these, 140 NFTs will be saved for giveaways and airdrops.

Graphic books, manga magazine, and a web recording – one of a kind prizes and potential outcomes to bring the local area together

Dynamic costs – separating NFTs in 4 sets and a private set as presale set with various cost ranges makes an extraordinary estimating strategy


The Don Roko assortment is parted into an aggregate of 5 sets, among these one private one.

Private Sale Event

We are satisfied to declare that private deals will be accessible for the Roko Clan assortment earlier ro our launch.

500 NFTs will be accessible on private deals at a cost of 0.06 ETH/Piece.

Public Sale
Set 1 – Priced at 0.07 ETH/Piece
Set 2 – Priced at 0.08 ETH/Piece
Set 3 – Priced at 0.09 ETH/Piece
Set 4 – Priced at 0.1 ETH/Piece

Starting cost at 1 ETH for 100 interesting NFTs.

Roko Clan NFTs are printed on the highest quality level ERC-721 agreement on the Ethereum blockchain.

Total Don Roko NFT available for use – 10,000
Total Roko Clan Memberships accessible – 10,000

NFT Name: Roko Clan

Royalty expenses set up

3 % is saved for good cause/drives and occasions
3 % will be assigned for tentative arrangements
3 % will be alloted to Creators

Street Map:


Starting presale
Prelaunch Giveaway
Prompt Access to the first section of Don Roko Graphic Novel



NFT set 2 delivery
Arrival of Don Roko Graphic Novel Chapter 2


Supervisor orders. Traders 1.0 delivery with part limits


NFT set 3 delivery
Month to month arrival of Don Roko Manga Magazine: Chapter 3
Public Giveaway


Traders 1.1 Release with Member Discounts


Month to month arrival of Don Roko Manga Magazine: Chapter 4
Public Airdrop Giveaway


Intriguing NFT Release and Auctions


Month to month Release of Don Roko Manga Magazine
Individuals just Giveaway
Arrival of Podcast with YouTube send off and other enrollment advantages.

More or less, Roko Clan is good to go to be an extraordinary computerized collectible with a dream of furnishing the individuals with top notch non-fungible tokens which will be extremely valuable in the circle of the blockchain. Meanwhile, the local area will be served well.

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