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Robert Gryn is a sequential business visionary who has fabricated a cutting edge Metaverse scanner which he expectations will go about as a gateway from our actual reality into the Metaverse.

It is no mysterious that the actual world is starting to converge with the advanced, and that blockchain is filling in as the mediator of reality in a large number of these incipient metaverses. Gryn, CEO of MetaHero, is doing his part to make that new reality as genuine as could be expected, making top quality 3D outputs of individuals, items and creatures that you may before long experience in games, virtual universes and NFTs.

After enduring 10 years building European promoting organization Codewise in Poland and in any event, being included on a Forbes list for the country’s most extravagant, Gryn abandoned everything and moved to Dubai while building an answer with which he desires to locally available the following billion individuals to the blockchain. 

Privacy worries

Gryn energetically records the possible utilizations of his full-body Metaverse scanners for things like computerized design: “You‘ll be able to scan yourself in your underpants, for example — it‘d be very easy to try on not only digital fashion but real-world clothing,” he says.

But, this raises a significant concern. Imagine a scenario in which some protection box is left unrestrained or the framework is hacked and I find my advanced clone as the reluctant star of an AI-made grown-up video? 



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