The Retro Arcade Collection Proves You Don’t Own NFTs

Promo art from MetaGravity's tweet announcing their Retro Arcade Collection

Toward the beginning of May 2022, MetaGravity delivered the Retro Arcade Collection, and this was important for two reasons. The first was the original idea of playable programming being printed as a NFT, an innovation showed with an assortment of abandonware games and demos. The subsequent explanation is much less complimenting: a large number of the titles that MetaGravity stamped as NFTs actually have proprietors that hold the copyright to them.

In portrayals of the assortment, MetaGravity guaranteed the games and demos in the NFTs were abandonware being “preserved” by their assortment and would be accessible as playable programming for a long time. Abandonware is a term for games and programming that are not generally sold or upheld by their proprietors. There has been a rising interest in safeguarding more established titles that don’t profit from revamps and once again delivers, with sites like Abandonia and My Abandonware committed to protecting games and programming that are considered abandonware. Games are a creative medium, and the conservation of workmanship is an honorable pursuit.

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