This NFT Project Offers ‘Digital Restitution’ for Looted African Art –

benin bronze in chrome

Consider the possibility that you didn’t need to trust that European and American historical centers will localize African ancient rarities. Reflecting on this inquiry, Chidi Nwaubani, the pioneer behind NFT project Looty, chose to assume control over issues with his venture Looty, which charges itself as a “digital restitution project.”

“Our ‘Looters’ [anonymous team members] go to the museums (physically) and take back the artworks (digitally),” a depiction on its site peruses. To do as such, individuals behind the task take sweeps of works and make computerized renderings that are then made into NFTs.

The Benin Bronzes, a gathering of thousands of antiquities plundered from the Kingdom of Benin in 1897 by British soldiers, have been the subject of repatriations at exhibition halls across Europe and the U.S. recently. Six NFTs in light of some of them are ready to move through Looty at a beginning cost of 0.99 ETH ($1,936).

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