Top 3 Most Traded Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $200 Million

most traded metaverse crypto coins below $200 million march 2022

There are many Metaverse crypto coins, each offering a one of a kind task and vision trying to catch their portion of the market. One method for making a decision about the outcome of an undertaking is by taking a gander at the 24-hour exchanging volume, which can flag local area support, long haul potential, and generally speaking bullish opinion. This article takes a gander at the best three most exchanged Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap underneath $200 million in March 2022.

Note: The rundown beneath is positioned by 24-hour exchanging volume, least to highest.

#3 Mines of Dalarnia (DAR)

24-hour Trading Volume: $62 million
Market Cap: $107 million
Unit Price: $0.876

Sending off in November 2021, Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is a 2D Metaverse crypto game highlighting an activity experience insight with procedurally created levels. The game includes clients joining different in-game assets and mining tokens, working on their personality’s ability and stuff, looking for interesting antiques and relics, and opening the privileged insights of the MoD universe.

Since Mines of Dalarnia is a blockchain-based game, all in-game resources are tokenized as NFTs, giving players full responsibility for characters, apparatuses, and gear. Besides, the game allows clients to purchase virtual land and become landowners, permitting players to produce a latent income.

Mines of Dalarnia is based on the Chromia (CHR) blockchain; a social blockchain fabricated unequivocally for Metaverse games that make it quicker and more instinctive for designers to convey different dApps.

Mines of Dalarnia is accessible for players to investigate as the game is in its Alpha delivery as of now. Clients can play the demo and experience the MoD Metaverse for themselves. Remember that clients should make a record on the Chromia blockchain to begin playing.

DAR is the essential utility resource for Mines of Dalarnia, empowering clients to guarantee rewards, buy in-game resources, and connect with the MoD universe.

You can purchase DAR on PancakeSwap, Binance,,, and more.

#2 Verasity (VRA)

24-hour Trading Volume: $136 million
Market Cap: $119 million
Unit Price: $0.02687

Sent off in April 2019, Verasity (VRA) is a main Metaverse project hoping to enter the $160 billion AdTech market and tackle it with its one of a kind Proof of View (PoV) protocol.

Verasity’s Proof of View component can recognize a bot and human traffic and hopes to address the far reaching issue of online traffic misrepresentation. Online traffic extortion is one of the most unmistakable issues with online substance. As the quantity of bot ranches keeps on rising, the ill-conceived sees squander important publicist dollars, which get spent on invalid traffic. Furthermore, the phony traffic additionally lessens the distributers’ change rates, adding to a general decrease in the transformation rates across the industry.

Verasity’s restrictive Proof of View convention, fueled by blockchain, is hoping to address the issue of online traffic misrepresentation by using blockchain technology.

In option, Verasity includes its Esports stage called VeraEsports. As of late, VeraEsports joined forces with one of the biggest Metaverse games available, Axie Infinity, where the group will be testing Verasity’s Proof of View convention in its GalAxie Cup.

Verasity has quite possibly the most hearty local area, and the undertaking figures out how to remain at the highest rated spot with regards to exchanging volume, flagging colossal long haul potential. Furthermore, VRA has been one of the top entertainers this week, ascending by more than 30% in the beyond seven days.

The essential utility resource for Verasity’s foundation is VRA, empowering clients to get remunerates and cooperate with different parts of its ecosystem.

You can purchase VRA on Poloniex, KuCoin,, OKX, Bittrex, Hotcoin Global, and more.

#1 Alien Worlds (TLM)

24-hour Trading Volume: $144 million
Market Cap: $111 million
Unit Price: $0.1225

Sent off in April 2021, Alien Worlds is presently one of the most famous Metaverse crypto games available. It’s a Metaverse NFT-based game rotating around clients mining Trilium (TLM), the essential utility resource of the platform.

Alien Worlds was based on the WAX blockchain yet includes local combination with the BNB chain, empowering clients different ways of acquiring rewards. As one of a handful of the cross-chain Metaverse crypto games, the group behind Alien Worlds demonstrated that it has a strong handle on blockchain advancement, and the task has the absolute best potential to see huge cost gains during crypto’s next bull market.

There are two methods for procuring TLM in Alien Worlds. The primary way is to buy NFT mining apparatuses from WAX’s AtomicAsset commercial center. While certain devices can be modest, costing under $1, others can be costly, costing more than $1,000. The better the instrument, the seriously mining power it has.

The second method for procuring TLM is by marking your Trilium on the BNB affixes and renting shuttle to send on missions. Every mission goes from 2 to 12 weeks. The more extended the mission, the more impressive the prizes. What’s more, clients can get up to 5 intriguing NFTs after each mission.

As one of the most famous NFT-put together games with respect to the market, Alien Worlds included over 400k clients in the beyond 30 days. Its present market cap of $111 million makes the venture uncommonly underestimated, and we energetically suggest watching out for it.

If you haven’t looked at it yet, we suggest making a record on the Wax Cloud Wallet and endeavoring to mine TLM, it’s 100 percent allowed to begin, and you will even get a free NFT!

TLM is the essential utility resource on the stage, used to remunerate clients for their endeavors and ongoing interaction. Trilium is likewise cross-chain viable, including both a WAX and a BNB rendition. In addition, TLM is an administration token empowering holders to decide on proposition that shape the task’s future.

You can buy TLM on Binance, LATOKEN, FTX, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, MEXC, ZB.COm, LBank, Tokocrypto, WaxirX, and more.

Disclosure: This isn’t exchanging or speculation exhortation. Continuously do your exploration prior to purchasing any Metaverse crypto coins.

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