Towards the Metaverse: the 7 best Virtual Reality encounters you can have today

Towards the Metaverse: the 7 best Virtual Reality experiences you can have today

Venice VR is as of now taking a gander at the Metaverse, however in a basic way. Liz Rosenthal relates how she, as well, has seen the insatiability with which the business has attempted to snatch this new cut of the market, while observers have been “prattling on about what it is, blabbering about XR, social media, multiplayer games, and streaming media” and frequently messing everything up. Very much like in Silicon Valley, the story is rehashing the same thing today: “no one understands it but everyone wants in”. With regards to what the Metaverse is right now offering, Rosenthal likes to invest her energy in VRChat, a gathering place from which the rationale of putting resources into NFTs, land, symbol skins, and so forth has been forgotten about for the present, while “the creativity and inventiveness – given the crowdedness of the artists, creatives, and developers – is amazing”.

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