Two Canadian Brothers To Launch NFT Sneaker Auction Years After Losing Court Battle With eBay

Motivated by tennis shoe culture and driven by bad form, Montreal-based siblings Kevin and Thierry Mofo are sending off their first NFT tennis shoe, printed on the Ethereum blockchain and set to be auctioned.

The history behind the NFT shoe is profoundly installed in the pair’s image, Soles For Justice. Back in 2012, Nike delivered the exceptionally expected Air Foamposite Galaxy 1 to concur with the NBA All-Star Game. The restricted release shoes, made famous by the incredible previous NBA player Penny Hardaway, were popular and incited the Mofo siblings to bounce on the opportunity.

The pair promoted the shoes on eBay prior to buying them the next day for $280 in addition to burden, CBC News previously reported in 2018. After holding up 30 hours at a Montreal store, they were stunned to later see the offers increment from $50,000 to maximizing with a bid of $98,000.

However, eBay presumed fakeness. Quebec’s Superior Court Judge requested eBay to pay the Mofo siblings $86,700 in harms, however the honor was a brief triumph. eBay pursued, and the Court of Appeal controlled the closeout site was legitimized in dropping the deal to safeguard the security of its customers.

Today, Kevin and Thierry are determined to bring issues to light of client arrangement strategies on stages and flash discussions about the control of eCommerce and enormous tech. Soles For Justice, as a brand and drive, stands to guarantee that advanced makers, new companies, and trend-setters are better taken care of.

“Consumers need to begin reading between the lines and understand the importance of user agreements taking space on these technology platforms. We now live in a world where the most valuable resource is the [in]tangible digital space. It’s our data, and we urge everyone to learn its use,” the siblings told Afro Tech.

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