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A band from Ukraine – subsequent to winning the Eurovision Song Contest recently – concluded they would feel more victorious by offering their prize to assist their local country with battling the Russian invaders.

The band, Kalush Orchestra — whose melody Stefania was chosen as the champ in Turin — expressed that they produced $900,000 by unloading the precious stone mouthpiece and an extra $370,000 by holding a pool for the pink pail cap worn by band pioneer Oleh Psyuk during the performance.

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Kalush Orchestra Helps Country Fight Russia

The continues from the deal will be adequate to buy three battle drones for the Ukrainian military. As indicated by Reuters, the robot framework includes a ground control focus that permits the pilot to coordinate drones.

Psiuk and his five bandmates were called back to Ukraine promptly following their triumph. (Luca Bruno/AP)

Offers for the prize were taken in both fiat and cryptographic money. Kalush Orchestra uncovered that the honor was obtained by the cryptographic money trade stage Whitebit.

The rap-society bunch expressed on its Facebook page that it had sold the prize. “You guys are incredible!” composed the band.

In a video message, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed that money was being given to forestall the “collapse” of Ukraine’s economy.

No Love For German Chancellor

In late weeks, the German chancellor was reprimanded at home and abroad for his hesitance to give Ukraine more deadly weaponry. As of late, as the Ukrainian armed force has fought to contain a Russian assault in Donbas, the strain has increased.

Various news organizations expressed that Sunday’s deal agreed with an appearance by the Kalush Orchestra at a cause occasion held at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to raise assets for clinical consideration and supplies.


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At the occasion, Psiuk encouraged the crowd not to become familiar with the conflict, which as per the United Nations has killed 4,031 regular citizens and injured 4,735 others.

“We are grateful to everyone who donated to this auction, but we are especially thankful to the @whitebit ua team, who purchased the trophy for $900,000,” the band said.

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Singers – And Fighters – For Ukraine

Only weeks before the Eurovision singing contest, the band was battling as a component of the Ukrainian obstruction. Their exhibition acquired overpowering recognition from around Europe.

“Our valiance motivates the globe; our music overwhelms Europe! Ukraine will have the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, as per Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Psiuk and his five bandmates were brought back to Ukraine quickly following their victory.

During the fight with Russia, Ukraine has requested all men matured 18 to 60 to stay in the country. Nonetheless, the everything male gathering was allowed to leave to take an interest in Italy.

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