Ukraine’s NFT assortment is still distant from selling out following seven days

Ukraine's NFT collection is still far from selling out after a week

Midway through last week, the Ukrainian government sent off its much-anticipated NFT collection, fully intent on raising around $1 million for war and helpful endeavors. However following seven days has passed, many the 2,182 NFTs presently can’t seem to be sold.

It’s whenever a country first has sent off its own NFT assortment. However, up to this point the deal has been met with significantly less excitement than other high-profile NFT deals, which frequently sell out immediately.

The assortment was reported toward the start of March when the Ukrainian government canceled its original plan for a crypto airdrop and said that it would rather sell NFTs. It then required almost a month to uncover the assortment.

Named “META HISTORY: Museum of War,” it portrays a timetable of occasions from the beginning of the conflict through fine arts with a tweet stacked on top. One of them is a drawing of planes inside a bird enclosure, getting back to back to when European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen reported the EU would close its airspace to all Russian airplane. One more shows various skulls with blossoms outgrowing them representing Russian fighters who lost their lives.

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