Universes’ first NFT Offering to Feature David Bowie’s

Worlds’ 1st NFT Offering to Feature David Bowie’s

BowieWorld NFT drop dates and subtleties to be reported paving the way to Bowie Fan Convention June 17-19, Liverpool CrossTower NFT Marketplace will have BowieWorld NFT dropsBowieWorld designers to introduce “BowieWorld Odyssey” on the creation of BowieWorld at David Bowie World Fan Convention

NEW YORK and BOSTON, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – – Worlds Inc. (OTCQB: WDDD), a trailblazer that fostered the primary 3D metaverses, metaverse web based business stages, and advances critical to intuitive online multi-player gaming innovations, today declares that its introduction in the non-fungible token (NFT) field will highlight NFTs from BowieWorld, the world’s most memorable worldwide VIP metaverse, made in 1999 by unbelievable artist David Bowie and Worlds Inc. BowieWorld was the main internet based intelligent virtual world (presently known as a metaverse) for a superstar that additionally included the first metaverse online business stage where Bowie offered custom symbols, music, workmanship, clothing and different curios for purchase.

CrossTower Inc., one of the world’s top of the line digital currency trades and the NFT commercial center, will have the BowieWorld NFT drops. Universes and CrossTower will report dates and subtleties of interesting and elite BowieWorld NFT drops paving the way to the David Bowie World Fan Convention in Liverpool, UK, June 17-19, 2022. Universes Inc. President Thom Kidrin and Ron Roy, prime supporter of the spearheading Internet group of followers experience UltraStar with rock legend David Bowie, will introduce “The BowieWorld Odyssey” at the Bowie Convention, where they will examine their coordinated effort with David Bowie and Bowie’s child Duncan Jones to execute visionary ideas and make the advancements that fundamentally increased present expectations for fan commitment and encounters all over the planet, and act as the reason for the BowieWorld NFT collection.

Thom Kidrin, Worlds Inc. President, expressed, “David Bowie was one of the first celebrities to recognize the potential of the nascent internet and push the envelope on every aspect of it that was available to him in the late ‘90s. Working with David was an amazing experience that allowed us to flex our creative muscle and help shape the future of the entertainment industry. Therefore, it is most appropriate that our first NFT offering feature BowieWorld, which was a pioneer in metaverse and ecommerce – two very critical elements that laid the foundation for today’s NFT industry.”

See how far metaverses have advanced starting around 1999. BowieWorld has been kept up with in its unique rare arrangement, open through PC (not Mac) at www.BowieWorlds.com.



With a heritage as the maker of the primary superstar 3D virtual universes and protected innovation for multi-server innovation for 3D applications that are the groundwork of numerous enormously multiplayer online pretending games (MMORPGs), Worlds is currently fostering the advancements that resolution the upcoming vivid universes and applications. By decisively utilizing NFTs and cryptographic money to adapt computerized resources, as well as joining digital currency and NFTs with new augmented experience (VR) and AR advancements in imaginative ways, Worlds is reshaping and further improving regions as different as diversion, business, instruction, sports, compelling artwork gathering, shopping, and numerous different parts of our lives. For extra data about Worlds, Inc., if it’s not too much trouble, visit: www.Worlds.com or follow us via virtual entertainment:
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Founded in 2019, CrossTower, is among the main ten trades on the planet by CryptoCompare, is a crypto trade with capital market capacities. CrossTower’s worldwide reach gives top tier administrations and items custom fitted to the necessities of retail brokers and organizations, including multifaceted investments, family workplaces, enrichments, benefits, and other market members. CrossTower use its huge involvement with exchanging, innovation, functional foundation, inventive estimating, guidelines, and consistence to make cryptographic money and computerized resources available to retail and refined institutional market members. CrossTower’s NFT Marketplace is the sole NFT commercial center with a monetary biological system zeroed in on local area, cooperative undertakings, and craftsman driven drives. CrossTower has workplaces situated in the US, Bermuda, and India.


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CrossTower: Priyanka P Pandit, media@crosstower.com, Mobile:+1(347)416-2219 (US)

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