US Air Force Files Metaverse-Focused Trademark

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The United States Air Force is taking a gander at entering the metaverse, CoinGeek announced Friday (April 22).

According to the report, the Air Force is taking a gander at utilizing the abilities of the metaverse to help the military, having recorded an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to get the word “SpaceVerse” trademarked.

According to the application, SpaceVerse alludes to “a secure digital metaverse that converges terrestrial and space physical and digital realities and provides synthetic and simulated extended-reality (XR) training, testing and operations environments.”

The report said the brand name application is an extension of the potential use instances of the metaverse. While there haven’t been some other military applications yet, the report noticed that different offices have gone for blockchain reports previously, including the U.S. Naval force with its arrangement to make a blockchain task to support clinical stockpile lines.

The metaverse has been more unmistakable of late, particularly after Facebook changed its name to Meta in October, expecting to profit by the virtual world being referred to. Various organizations have previously started entering the metaverse, as well.

PYMNTS composed that Limitless, which makes the Next Earth metaverse stage, has started offering what it calls a Metaverse-as-a-Service arrangement. The organization likewise intends to carry out a $60 million endeavor asset to additional form out the virtual world.

See moreover: Limitless Unveils ‘Metaverse-as-a-Service’ Using 5T-Tile Replica of Earth

Limitless made its metaverse utilizing 5 trillion tiles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), allowing clients to claim areas of the planet. Next Earth purportedly has in excess of 300,000 virtual landowners on its foundation, having produced more than $10 million in income since its rollout last year.

“I think that most metaverse [projects] are just trying to recreate ‘Second Life,’” Limitless co-CEO David Taylor told CoinDesk in a meeting. “Instead of doing that, we’re going to create a middleware layer for the metaverse. Through our API connections, any business small or large can connect to Next Earth.”

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