Van Gogh meets the metaverse in a fantastic new fascination: Welcome to the ‘vivid’ future | Arts

Van Gogh meets the metaverse in a dreamy new attraction: Welcome to the 'immersive' future | Arts

“Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” is an astonishing, marvelous, super advanced show of the life and work of the darling post-impressionist painter. The fascination, which has appeared in other cities since 2017, opened Friday (April 8) at the previous Scottish Rite Temple on Carondelet Street in New Orleans, where, coordinators say, it will go on at minimum through mid-June.

Though Vincent Van Gogh kicked the bucket 132 years prior, the show, which consolidates video planning innovation, computer generated reality goggles, and selfie open doors, is basically as contemporary as cryptographic money. Welcome to what’s to come: This is a workmanship show that incorporates no real works of art.

Nonetheless, guests could undoubtedly end up wheezing with enchant as they enter the fold over video exhibition wherein two-story projections of Van Gogh’s scenes become animated. Crows caw as they dance across the harvest time sky, feed carts thunder somewhere out there, lights spring up in the windows of far off houses at sunset, a boat sneaks past on a dim waterway, etc.

Metairie inhabitant Betsy Miranda, 71, said she cherished the encompassing advanced climate. “I’m just so glad I live in this time, the technology is so exciting,” she said. Miranda said she particularly delighted in encountering the roof to-floor activity “with other people.”

Indeed, the relaxed air of the projection room, where guests relax any place they’d like, loans the amazing scale experience a specific closeness. Leaning back in a material supported seat, watching the 30-minute scene bloom around you, is both outwardly invigorating and profoundly relaxing.

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