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The spotlight is on Bukele for the last piece of Peter McCormack’s narrative. Here’s the first part. Here’s the second one. Furnished with all that he’s seen, the carefully prepared questioner returns to the President’s loads for the meeting’s subsequent round. Was “Follow The Money #1” more about McCormack than about El Salvador? Or on the other hand does the host’s inner turmoil with the entire story reflects the remainder of humanity?

McCormack’s presentation begins solid, “the president was about to make Bitcoin legal tender, a decision no other leader had done. It was a bold move and something I supported, but my experience this week had taken this story to a place I’d not expected.” However, he rapidly goes into poetic overstatement, “I had met and spoken with people who had problems that bitcoin could not fix.”

Of course it could, Peter. Bitcoin fixes this, yet we should show restraint. Rome wasn’t underlying a day. Quick arrangements are not realistic.

Bukele’s Predictions

The discussion occurred a couple of days after the Bitcoin Law happened. “In a couple of weeks you won’t need to carry cash or credit cards, actually, you won’t need a real wallet,” Bukele claims. Each of the worldwide partnerships that work in El Salvador immediately embraced bitcoin. Bukele thinks this contextual investigation could persuade them to convey comparative projects in different nations. We’ll simply need to sit back and watch in the event that he’s right.

For his part, Peter McCormack keeps a position he’s communicated previously. “I don’t know if the measures will be there in a year but, like, in 10 years time I think it works.” Bukele comments that the resistance has blamed him for needing to compel bitcoin into Salvadorans, or that he will eliminate the dollar from the situation. “You don’t need a year, you don’t need 10 years for people to realize that this is voluntary. Nobody’s taking your dollars away from you. If you want paper money, you can have it,” Bukele assures.

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So, Are You a Dictator?

They examine the fights. Bukele claims that the resistance can’t accumulate in excess of 500 individuals. McCormack answers, “the will say that the numbers are low because people are scared to come out. That’s what some people said to us.” Bukele doesn’t get it. “We never dispersed a protest. We haven’t used one can of tear gas in my whole presidency,” the President flexes. “They are able to protest whatever they whant, wherever they want.”

After a couple of delays, McCormack tosses it. “Are you a dictator? That’s the thing that people are really saying.” Bukele doesn’t get it. “Do you think that’s that there’s any logic to that? I mean, are we doing anything by force? Or, do we obtain power by force? Are we imposing it on everybody else?”

There’s something final McCormack needs to inquire. How long is Bukele wanting to remain in power? He can’t, so he goes with this, “what are the long-term plans? Is it to do a specific job? Or is it one of those things where it’s like, you know, I love the job, I want to stay in it?” Bukele easily figures him out. “I’m not going to answer, but I can tell you it’s not my plan to just stay in the job (…) I don’t want to do that with my life.”

McCormack’s Closing Thoughts

The What Bitcoin Did have works effectively summing up the circumstance, however everything goes downhill in the end:

“Bukele made bold decisions in the face of opposition from both domestic and international groups , and he certainly implemented a number of successful policies which have changed the face of the country, and potentially offer a brighter future. But what I’ve learned on this trip is that the problems for countries like this are much too big for one person to shoulder, and there are issues that require a broad range of policies beyond a change of currency.”

What is this man discussing? This is significantly more than a difference in cash. Bitcoin is a difference in worldview, something the world has never seen. Bukele isn’t bearing all of El Salvador’s progressions alone. He stopped his country to the best open organization at any point made. Also, things are simply getting started.

To close the narrative, McCormack returns to El Zonte and is moved by an enormous line of individuals attempting to guarantee some bitcoin. He gets his confidence back and gives us this line to close this series, “If all else fails in El Salvador, at least this small fishing village showed the world that Bitcoin can be a powerful force for positive change, and the hope for all may be just around the corner.”

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