Web recording: Welcome to the modern metaverse – Stacey on IoT

Podcast: Welcome to the industrial metaverse - Stacey on IoT

It’s been a moment since we’ve examined the metaverse, however this week we cover Siemens’ deal with Nvidia to make the metaverse for the modern IoT. It’s important for several announcements this week from Siemens that incorporate a securing and another item send off for shrewd structures. We likewise dive into some Apple rumors about a new HomePod, whether you’ll need to use the iPad as a home hub, and Kevin’s advice for folks attempting to embrace HomeKit. Then we inquire as to whether you need to pay for a subscription to Insteon’s cloud and investigate how the ADT partnership with Google is working. From that point we talk discuss the new Raspberry Pi Pico W device with Wi-Fi. For $6, they are a take. In more modest news, we discuss wireless power research and new sounds that help your Nest doorbell celebrate the Fourth of July. We likewise answer an audience question about computerizing his water heater.

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