Zero Contact’s Rick Dugdale on coordinating a NFT film

Zero Contact's Rick Dugdale on directing a NFT film

For a venture for all intents and purposes developed and coordinated over Zoom, there is anything but a more fitting name for the film Zero Contact. Created in 17 unique nations during the worldwide pandemic, Zero Contact is a thrill ride that spotlights on the risks of cutting edge in a virtual world. Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) stars as Finley Hart, a capricious virtuoso behind a worldwide information mining program. Whenever Hart unexpectedly kicks the bucket, five outsiders are carefully called upon to proceed with Hart’s work, which is a drive that includes time travel. Notwithstanding, outside powers start to follow and hurt every one of the five individuals, driving the gathering to choose whether to complete the mission at the gamble of their own lives.

Directed by Rick Dugdale, Zero Contact is charged as the “world’s first feature film NFT event.” The movie can be bought as a NFT through Vuele, a stage that has some expertise in gathering and exchanging highlight movie NFTs and their ensuing substance. In a discussion with Digital Trends, Dugdale talked about the difficulties of coordinating over Zoom, how he persuaded Anthony Hopkins to join the cast, shooting part of the continuation in Antarctica, and what’s in store for Vuele and highlight film NFTs.

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