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Crypto Twitter This Week: From Bitcoin Halving Hype to Celebration and Back to Business as Usual

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This Week On Crypto Twitter: Bitcoin Halving Anticipation To Elation—Then Back To Work - Decrypt

Illustration by Mitchell Preffer for Decrypt

Bitcoin and the broader crypto landscape had a rollercoaster week, with all eyes on the quadrennial Bitcoin halving happening early Saturday morning, on 4/20.

Monday saw a rebound after a weekend dip, and Hong Kong approved Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs.

Tuesday brought news of Andreessen Horowitz launching its second gaming fund, along with a new accelerator program named Speedrun. The firm also raised a massive $7.2 billion across different sectors.

Another meme auction was announced with a starting bid of 15 ETH. Hump day saw the announcement of World Chain by the Worldcoin Foundation, and Craig Wright dropped his lawsuit against Bitcoin developers.

In hardware news, a new smartphone running ethOS was launched, and halving anticipation grew throughout the week.

The Bitcoin halving finally occurred on Saturday, bringing celebration to Crypto Twitter. Meanwhile, the launch of Runes also took place, with winners revealed within minutes.

Bitcoin developer Casey Rodamor set up a Rune for the next halving in four years, while Runes protocol was in full swing.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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