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Starting Your Day right: 5 American Tips

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Five Things You Need To Know To Start Your Day: Americas

Good morning. Zoom is making waves in the US markets, while Japan had a successful day. The dollar and Bitcoin are standing out as winners this year and Shein is thinking about going public in London. Here’s what people are discussing. — Sofia Horta e Costa

S&P 500 futures are steady and US government bond yields are slightly lower ahead of the Treasury’s $42 billion sale of 7-year notes. Zoom shares are surging in early New York trading after surpassing sales and profit expectations for the quarter. A new $1.5 billion share buyback is boosting confidence, indicating the company’s focus on shareholder returns rather than big acquisitions at the moment. In Asia, attention was on Japan, where inflation outperformed expectations, causing the two-year bond yield to climb to its highest point since 2011. This has led to speculation that Japan may end its long period of negative interest rates as soon as March. Today’s notable fact: US blue-chip companies are currently finding it cheaper to sell shares than to borrow debt, marking the first time in over two decades.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon believes that issues in commercial real estate will be limited to certain areas as long as the US can avoid a recession. Do you share this view, or do you see it as a potential risk for US banks or the broader financial system? Share your thoughts in Bloomberg’s latest MLIV Pulse survey.

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