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A Landmark Achievement in Cryptocurrency Trading

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A Milestone In Crypto Trading

        <li><strong>Bitpanda's user base grows to include an additional 500,000 members in Q2 2024, pushing its private investor total past 5 million.</strong></li>
        <li><strong>Since its inception in 2014 and surpassing 1 million members in 2019, Bitpanda has solidified its reputation as the predominant cryptocurrency brokerage in Europe.</strong></li>
    <h2><strong>Bitpanda Achieves a New Benchmark with Over 5 Million Investors in the Cryptocurrency Domain</strong></h2>
    <p>Vienna, June 25, 2024 – Bitpanda, the front-runner in European cryptocurrency brokerage services, has <a target="_blank" href="">declared</a> its customer base has expanded to include more than 5 million private investors, a surge buoyed by the onboarding of half a million new users in the most recent quarter of 2024. This notable increase reflects the growing confidence and enthusiasm among European investors towards secure digital asset transactions.</p>
    <h2>Remarkable User Growth Coupled with Targeted Investments</h2>
    <p>Since being established in 2014, Bitpanda's clientele has swelled expeditiously. Achieving a milestone of one million customers in 2019, it quadrupled that tally by 2023. Come June 2024, the company proudly broadcasts breaching the 5 million users threshold. This uptrend is indicative of Bitpanda's strategic advances and the steadfastness of its platform.</p>
    <p>Bitpanda has directed substantial investment into product innovation and new entrepreneurial territories, laying the groundwork for further growth in an advancing cryptocurrency market. It has gained pivotal financial conduct authorizations from regulatory agencies such as BaFin, aligning with exacting regulatory specifications. Bitpanda has also revitalized its commercial solutions under Bitpanda Technology Solutions — a White-Label for B2B services — and has forged key collaborations with financial institutions like Deutsche Bank, N26, LBBW, and Raiffeisen.</p>
    <p>All these calculated strategies have piqued the curiosity of investors all over Europe, reinforcing Bitpanda’s position as the top crypto broker in the area. Economically, the company has similarly <a target="_blank" href="">disclosed</a> laudable fiscal performance, with a revenue influx exceeding 100 million euros in just the initial quarter of 2024.</p>
    <h2>Executive Perspectives</h2>
    <p>Eric Demuth, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Bitpanda, accentuated the firm's commitment to continuous innovation and dynamism in expansion. He remarked,</p>
    <blockquote><p><strong><em>"The caliber of our team and the substantive nature of our product are demonstrated through our ceaseless innovation and swift stretching of our user base. As the paramount and rigorously regulated crypto enterprise in Europe, we are well-positioned to spearhead the future of the cryptocurrency landscape in this key market. Soaring to 5 million users represents a major triumph, yet this merely marks the inception. This year is crucial for fashioning the cryptocurrency aray, and our aims are lofty to fully leverage this phase."</em></strong></p></blockquote>
    <p>Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, the Deputy CEO, underscored the success in achieving compliance and nurturing robust partnerships. His remarks were,</p>
    <blockquote><p><strong><em>"Our product suite is compelling, and our alliance with regulators has proven robust. Our partnerships with organizations such as Deutsche Bank, LBBW, and FC Bayern Munich mirror the trust we have earned from our users and allies. It may have taken us five years to gather our first million users, but we've scaled to our most recent million in just one year. In the preceding three months alone, we welcomed over half a million new investors. As we edge towards our decade mark, I stand assured that there's plenty to commemorate."</em></strong></p></blockquote>

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    <p>Bitpanda's genesis traces back to 2014 in Vienna and since then, it has burgeoned into the preeminent crypto broker within Europe. With a secure, diversified digital assets platform serving over 5 million users, Bitpanda is among the most stringent and securely regulated trading platforms in the cryptocurrency sphere. The company has widened its operations beyond Vienna, establishing offices in global city centers such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, and Bucharest.</p>

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