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At 29, I’ve Built My Own Million-Dollar Fortune

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I'M A Self-Made Millionaire Aged 29

The narrative of a young tycoon has surfaced, detailing his surprising preference for simplicity despite his wealth, explaining that his expenses are limited to internet service, Diet Coke, fitness center access, and firearms.

At the tender age of 25, Ben Burns entered the realm of millionaires through his cryptocurrency ventures, yet he maintains a neutral stance toward his financial success.

Achieving millionaire status at 25, Ben Burns is now 29
Burns asserts there’s greater joy in poverty than in wealth
Creating wealth through savvy cryptocurrency trades, Ben’s financial journey is noteworthy

Ben, an entrepreneur by his own making, subscribes to the notion that money is a fictitious construct, and he dedicates the vast majority of his hours to computer-bound endeavors to sustain his wealth.

Four years since his first million, he comments, “Wealth isn’t the dream everyone thinks – I am wealthy yet I’m tied to my computer almost indefinitely.

“My social interactions are decent but not without the impact of my work, which brings its share of pressures.

“In truth, there’s a certain sweetness to poverty that richness can’t match, for it makes you treasure experiences more deeply.”

Even as his bank balance soared, Ben was not overwhelmed; to him, this is merely the nature of the investment game.

His indulgences are restricted to excellent internet connectivity, his choice of soda, an upscale gym membership, and a notable £40,000 worth of firearms.

His daily life follows an unconventional pattern.

“My day starts at noon and concludes often at 5am, weekends included,” he reveals.

“I consume about 30 vitamins and supplements daily, incurring almost $1,000 (£790) monthly. My gym visits are essential for stress management, costing about $300 (£230) monthly.

“And my extensive gun collection resides at my parent’s house.”

For Ben, his profession is not just a job; it’s an around-the-clock lifestyle commitment.

Ben, an American, ventured into trading during his high school years, investing all his savings, only to face an early setback.

Undeterred, he dove back in with renewed determination.

Post-studying computer science at college, he took up a software engineering role, opting for Bitcoin as his salary medium.

His finances surged by 200% subsequently.

“College was when my roommate James and I got serious about trading, using coded strategies, which paid off handsomely,” he explains.

“But the real profits began once I became part of Kraken.

“Coming from a baby boomer generation, my parents were skeptical of such a gamble – but they can’t argue with the results.”

However, he surmises that “for those with millions, it’s evident that money is just a societal invention.”

“For example, an evening out is often more enjoyable with economical beer in a casual bar than splurging on VIP bottle service — the latter seems more about flaunting wealth than actual enjoyment.”

While Ben maintains that his fortune doesn’t significantly alter his existence, he is also averse to the traditional 9-to-5 routine.

Ben advises: “Capitalism is structured largely for people to work a lifetime enhancing someone else’s finances.

“Instead of blending in with the herd, aim to lead it.”

Ben allocates his wealth towards reliable internet, Diet Coke, a gym subscription, and his extensive gun collection

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