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Binance Introduces Support for ARC-20 Tokens, Broadening the Scope of Cryptocurrency Trading

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Binance Launches Arc-20 Token Support, Expanding Crypto Trading Horizons

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Binance, a premier blockchain ecosystem with a vast user base exceeding 185 million globally, has expanded its extensive services by introducing support for ARC-20 tokens in its Binance Inscription Marketplace.

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The addition of ARC-20 token functionality invites traders to partake in the trading and transfer of these tokens, widening the spectrum of capabilities offered on the platform. Stemming from the forward-thinking Atomicals Protocol built on Bitcoin, ARC-20 tokens constitute a significant milestone in fungible token standards, signaling an important stride in


ambitious agenda to diversify and enhance its digital assets.

Launching ARC-20 token support elevates the

Binance Inscription Marketplace

to an elite echelon of platforms offering a broad array of inscription assets, which now includes BRC-20, EVM, and ARC-20 tokens. This expansion is facilitated by the newly added feature that empowers users to manually identify Bitcoin Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs). This critical feature aids users in navigating the complex Bitcoin inscription protocols, enabling them to handpick assets with ease, thus creating a streamlined and user-friendly process for managing their assets without the historical intricacies tied to these transactions.

“Binance is steadfastly committed to equipping our users with essential capabilities to unlock the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s vast potential,” states Binance Product Marketing Lead Sherrine Tan. “The support for trading ARC-20 tokens is in direct alignment with user interest and offers a gateway to the extensive opportunities within the Atomicals Protocol and the broader inscriptions landscape.”

Hosted within the secure, self-sustained

Binance Web3 Wallet

and seamlessly integrated with the Binance app, the Binance Inscriptions Marketplace delivers an approachable and user-friendly platform for acquiring, selling, and minting an assorted range of inscription tokens. Complimented by the BTC Transaction Accelerator, the marketplace promotes swifter Bitcoin transactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

In a concerted effort to nurture the Bitcoin ecosystem’s expansion, Binance has augmented its support to encompass BTC Taproot addresses within the Binance Web3 Wallet…


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