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BitCraft Emphasizes Non-Cryptocurrency Gameplay Amidst Rising Attention from Crypto Investors

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Clockwork Labs emphatically states that their forthcoming game,
has no ties to cryptocurrency,
Web 3, or NFTs, despite what the name might suggest.

The interest in the survival crafting MMORPG known as BitCraft has grown,
particularly after cryptocurrency exchange
Binance noted the upcoming Alpha launch.
Clockwork Labs is taking this opportunity to clarify any misconceptions.

Clockwork Labs has clarified in a
recent tweet,
“BitCraft Online is devoid of any cryptocurrency, Web 3, blockchain or NFT related elements.
It’s a forthcoming sandbox MMORPG designed to offer an immersive experience.
For those who expected a crypto aspect, we’re sorry for any confusion,
but invite you to stay for the engaging community and game once available.”

To the accidental crypto traders visiting our site: we welcome you to stay, too.
After all, all forms of awareness are beneficial, right?

Returning to the matter of BitCraft, the game is poised to begin its closed alpha testing on April 2.
This will allow participants to experience the game’s fundamental mechanics, which are free from cryptocurrency.
You can sign up for the alpha on
their official site.
Also, view the initial official gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what’s in store for alpha testers.


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