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Could Bitcoin Surpass $100K Ahead of Schedule Owing to Chinese Asset Managers and Hong Kong’s Significant ETF Initiative?

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Will Bitcoin Hit $100K Sooner Than Expected, Thanks To Chinese Asset Managers And Hong Kong'S Major Etf Push?

Notwithstanding the stringent prohibition of cryptocurrency dealings in China, Hong Kong maintains a close relationship with the mainland and may incidentally become a critical agent in the Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) journey toward a highly anticipated $100,000 valuation. This potential financial evolution positions the city-state as an emerging heavyweight in the crypto ETF scene.

Recent Developments: According to Reuters, inside informants have hinted at the possibility of launching spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong as early as this month. Projections indicate that the regulatory green light could be signaled in the upcoming week, a pace that surpasses initial expectations due to the regulatory body hastening the approval protocol.


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Enthusiasm from Chinese Fund Managers: Prominent Chinese asset management companies are at the forefront of instituting these Bitcoin ETFs. Influential players such as China Asset Management, Harvest Fund Management, and Bosera Asset Management are among at least four which have lodged applications, as reported by Reuters and Nikkei articles.

Significance: The advent of spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong is lined up to attract significant investment interest globally, reminiscing the triumph of the U.S. market, where such ETFs gathered approximately $58 billion in assets since January, according to Bloomberg.

This increasing demand has driven Bitcoin’s valuation up by over 60% within the year, culminating in a historic peak at $73,803 in March.

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Bloomberg Intelligence’s Rebecca Sin projects continuous growth: “The introduction of spot Bitcoin funds in Hong Kong appears imminent… It’s possible that global Bitcoin ETF assets might ascend toward $100 billion soon.”

Senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas suggests that Chinese investors would be fervently investing in Bitcoin ETFs should the option be available, as evidenced by their pronounced enthusiasm for gold and U.S equities.

Given that buying bitcoin ETFs isn’t allowed there, if it were, I imagine fervent interest from Chinese investors, who’ve shown great FOMO for gold and US stocks (with BTC outperforming both)

— Eric Balchunas (@EricBalchunas) April 8, 2024


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Amid China’s ban on crypto exchanges, financial institutions are keen to explore the burgeoning crypto market, leveraging Hong Kong’s friendlier regulatory environment. Hong Kong is already a home for futures-based crypto ETFs, with three listed ETFs amassing assets close to $170 million as reported by Bloomberg.

Could Bitcoin Surpass $100K Ahead of Schedule Owing to Chinese Asset Managers and Hong Kong's Significant ETF Initiative? 3

Vision of Hong Kong: Hong Kong aims to reinstate its position as a premier financial hub, amidst concerns over the economic deceleration and geopolitical unrest. By endorsing cryptocurrencies, the region is intent on establishing itself as a central locale for virtual asset trade, as underscored in a Nikkei report.

Louie Lee from Prosynergy Consulting remarked, “Embracing crypto asset exchange is a positive move towards Web3 in Hong Kong. Nonetheless, further product evolution is necessary.”

Market Movements: As of late, Bitcoin was trading slightly higher at $70,877 at 2:30 am ET, based on Benzinga Pro data. Optimistic analysts speculate that Bitcoin may reach a new zenith before the upcoming halving event, though cautioning that alternative cryptocurrencies may encounter hurdles.

Looking Ahead: The potential implications of Bitcoin as a class of institutional asset will be thoroughly examined at Benzinga’s proximate Future of Digital Assets event, slated for Nov. 19.

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