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Cryptocurrency Trader Suggests Dogecoin Might Surge Over 500% Due to Immense Momentum – However, There’s a Twist

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Crypto Trader Says Dogecoin Has ‘Too Much Firepower,’ Could Skyrocket By Over 500% – But There’s A Catch


An esteemed cryptocurrency analyst, who operates under the alias Altcoin Sherpa, posits that the canine-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) has the potential to surge over sixfold from its present valuation.

This cryptic prognosticator, heralding over 209,800 followers on a certain social networking site X, conjectured via a post that the adoption of DOGE could ascend to the $1 echelon, particularly with the encouragement of the currency’s celebrated proponent, tycoon Elon Musk.

The dramatic appreciations previously seen in DOGE’s value have been notably synchronous with Musk’s affirmative endorsements. There’s speculation that Musk might even meld DOGE into X’s payment systems in the future.

Nonetheless, Altcoin Sherpa caveats that the forecast does not have a definitive timeframe and may unfold over several months.

“DOGE: a few impromptu contemplations:

-My belief is it might enact something unforeseen, possibly escalating to or beyond $1, aided by its Elon connection and reigning status as the memecoin monarch.

-The precise juncture of such an event? That’s nebulous. It could be imminent or several moons away.

-The returns won’t echo those of 2021, considering its current market capitalization.

-In my assessment, this constitutes a *comparatively* secure wager (IMO). I surmise the likelihood of it multiplying in value is appreciably strong. As for comparing it to other assets like SOL in terms of risk-reward coherence? That’s up for debate. Traverse the risk spectrum as you desire.”

Additional attention is given by the analyst to whether DOGE can convert two pivotal resistance thresholds at $0.20 and $0.35 into foundations of support to buttress a bullish perspective.

“The configurational charting appears quite favorable. After 650 days of stagnation, a rapid ascent ensued. The forthcoming critical markers are located at $0.20 and $0.35.”

Source: Altcoin Sherpa/X

At the moment of writing, DOGE trades at a price point of $0.15, ticking upwards by 5.6% in the preceding 24-hour time span.

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