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Ethereum Drops by 6%, Disheartened Trader Expresses Pessimism: ‘It’s Simply Depressing… No Sign of an Upturn in the Near Future’

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Ethereum Down 6%, Trader Laments: 'Just Sad... I Don'T See Any Reversal Coming Anytime Soon'


Cryptocurrency analyst, known as Altcoin Sherpa, is pessimistic about Ethereum
(CRYPTO: ETH), referring to its
recent performance as depressing and unlikely to reverse soon.

Event Details: Expressions of concern were voiced by the trader on X (formerly Twitter) on
Tuesday, with no immediate recovery in sight for Ethereum:


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Another notable voice in the trading community, ColdBloodedShiller, has analyzed Ethereum’s
downwards trend, stating the loss of the RSI 50 level for the first time in six weeks is a key technical event.

He also pointed
the significance of this indicator for gauging market direction and advised a cautious approach in
building positions incrementally.

Ethereum Drops by 6%, Disheartened Trader Expresses Pessimism: 'It's Simply Depressing... No Sign of an Upturn in the Near Future' 3

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Impact on Ethereum: These observations arise as Ethereum sees a notable decline, with a 6%
drop in the last 24 hours, placing its value around the $3,250 mark.

Market analyst Ali Martinez previously highlighted
potential risks
for Ethereum’s price slide. He predicts potential dips to $2,800 if support at $3,400

These corrections are part of a larger market pullback, which comes in advance of the expected Bitcoin
halving event

ColdBloodedShiller’s commentary provides insight into Ethereum’s trajectory and underscores the value of
strategic investing during market corrections.

Looking Ahead: The recognition of Ethereum as an investment
for institutions
will be a major topic at Benzinga’s upcoming Event on
Digital Asset Futures
scheduled for Nov. 19.

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