Cryptocurrency News Reports a 11% Surge in Cardano Amid Bullish Market Activity

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Cardano Climbs 11.28% In Bullish Trade


Cardano Soars 11% Amidst Optimistic Market Sentiment – Cardano’s value experienced an 11.05% surge settling at $0.7824 as of 18:38 (22:38 GMT) Monday according to the Index, marking the largest single-day percent increase since December 13, 2023.

The bullish movement expanded Cardano’s market valuation to $27.8703B, which constitutes 1.02% of the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization. Cardano’s market cap had previously peaked at $94.8001B.

Within the past 24 hours, Cardano’s trading price fluctuated between $0.6880 and $0.7876.

Cardano has seen its value ascend over the last week, achieving a 2.15% gain. The trading volume for Cardano over the last day was $1.3225B, accounting for 0.77% of the total traded volume of all digital currencies. Its 7-day trading range has been $0.5861 to $0.7876.

Despite the recent increase, Cardano’s current value is still 74.75% lower than its all-time peak of $3.10, which was reached on September 2, 2021.

Cryptocurrency Market Overview

Bitcoin’s value was at $72,592.3 according to the Index, a rise of 6.03% for the day.

Ethereum’s market performance showed a positive trajectory, with its price reaching $4,061.77 on the Index, up by 6.32%.

Bitcoin’s market capitalization is recorded at $1,428.8674B, representing 52.30% of the total cryptocurrency market, while Ethereum’s market cap has attained a total of $487.8678B or 17.86% of the entire market valuation.


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