Cryptocurrency News Reports an 11.28% Surge in Cardano Amidst Bullish Trading Activity

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Cardano Climbs 11.28% In Bullish Trade


Cardano Posts a 11.28% Rally – At 02:05 (07:05 GMT) on Monday, Cardano’s value reached $0.7927 according to the Index, marking an 11.28% increase for the day. This surge is the most substantial one-day gain since Wednesday, December 13, 2023.

The ascent in price also elevated Cardano’s market valuation to $27.9940B, representing 1.17% of the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization. At its peak, Cardano’s market capitalization was $94.8001B.

In the last 24 hours, Cardano’s price fluctuated between $0.7236 and $0.7928.

Looking at the previous week, Cardano has witnessed a growth in its valuation, with a 33.68% increase. The traded volume of Cardano in the last 24 hours at the time of this writing was $1.2410B, accounting for 1.11% of all cryptocurrencies’ traded volume. Cardano traded from $0.5983 to $0.7928 over the last seven days.

Cardano’s current price signifies a 74.42% drop from its all-time high of $3.10, which occurred on Thursday, September 2, 2021.

Other cryptocurrency market news

Bitcoin is currently positioned at $63,624.0 on the Index, enjoying a gain of 2.84% today.

On the Index, Ethereum has risen to $3,469.09, experiencing a 1.68% increase.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin stands at $1,251.0564B, making up 52.27% of the total cryptocurrency market, while Ethereum’s market capitalization is at $417.2733B, comprising 17.43% of the total market value.

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