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Margex Unveils $5 Million BOME Airdrop Campaign for Top Volume Traders Ending June 17

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Margex Announces $5 Million Bome Airdrop For High Trading Volume Ends June 17

Margex introduces the BOME token giveaway


June 10, 2024
/PRNewswire/ — Margex, a platform for cryptocurrency exchange noted for its straightforward and efficient copy trading features, is excited to reveal a massive $5 million airdrop of Bome (BOME) coins for its most active traders.

Margex participants can be part of a $5 million Bome (BOME) memecoin giveaway that concludes on June 17, 2024. Those trading frequently on Margex until June 17 stand to gain from the memecoin giveaway and are eligible to claim their share immediately.

The memecoin known as Bome (BOME), or Book of Meme, is recognized for its compelling utility prospects within the memecoin sector. As a Non-fungible memecoin (NFT), its objective is to bring fresh dynamics to the memecoin market within the cryptocurrency realm.

How to Qualify for the Bome (BOME) Token Distribution:

Register on Margex or log in if you’re an existing user

Execute trades on Margex before June 17, 2024

Retrieve your share at the culmination of the Bome (BOME) token event

Eligibility for the immediate Bome (BOME) airdrop for the active traders on Margex until June 17, 2024 includes:

Trading volume thresholds:

$100,000$10 in BOME tokens

$250,000$20 in BOME tokens

$500,000$30 in BOME tokens

$1M$50 in BOME tokens

$5M$250 in BOME tokens

$10M$500 in BOME tokens

$25M$1,500 in BOME tokens

$50M$3,000 in BOME tokens

$100M$5,000 in BOME tokens

After the Bome (BOME) token giveaway period finishes on June 17, 2024, all Margex traders’ volume will be tallied.

About Margex

Margex, launched in 2019, stands as a tailored cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a secure, mighty, and user-centric copying feature. It simplifies trading for individuals at any skill level. With Margex’s copy trading, anyone can mirror the strategies of seasoned traders without needing expertise, and experienced traders can generate income by allowing their trades to be copied.

A modest starting fund of $10 opens the door to all of Margex’s copy trading offerings, presenting it as the most customer-friendly choice in the crypto industry.

Stay updated with Margex via Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube, or become part of the Margex family.

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