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OKX Launches Its Own Layer-2 Blockchain, Emulating Coinbase’s Strategy

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Crypto Exchange Okx Goes Live With New Layer-2 Chain, Following In Footsteps Of Coinbase


OKX, the

fourth-ranking cryptocurrency exchange
, announced the launch of its new layer-2 blockchain network, X Layer, now operational on its official mainnet. This move reflects a growing trend among prominent crypto enterprises to establish their own decentralized networks.

In an official announcement, OKX revealed that its development team is actively contributing to the CDK’s repository, with X Layer poised to integrate with the extended Polygon network

through AggLayer
. AggLayer, a solution from Polygon, is designed to consolidate liquidity among a range of chains that are created with the help of Polygon’s technology.

Mark Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs, stated in the announcement, “With the integration of X Layer, OKX’s expansive user base of 50 million now benefits from a streamlined entry point to X Layer and the multitude of other chains connected through the AggLayer.”

Initially unveiled on a testnet in November, X Layer now provides access to a suite of over 170

decentralized applications
(dapps), with plans to expand its offerings in the near future.

Haider Rafique, OKX’s Chief Marketing Officer, shared his vision in the press briefing: “We see X Layer and similar layer-2 solutions as the foundational infrastructure of the Web3 ecosystem, where dApps serve as trading hubs and user-operated wallets act as the means to access them.”


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