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Over $400 Million Liquidated from Crypto Traders as Bitcoin Falls Under $67,000

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Crypto Traders See Over $400 Million In Liquidations As Bitcoin Slides Below $67,000


Significant market fluctuations in the last day have led to an increase in forced sell-offs on central exchange platforms, with bitcoin’s value dipping below the $67,000 threshold and triggering a sell-off across the cryptocurrency spectrum.

Within the same 24-hour period, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges experienced more than $427 million worth of forced liquidations, CoinGlass data shows. A substantial $342 million of this figure represented long positions being closed out.

For Bitcoin Bitcoin BTC
holders, liquidations were particularly severe, with $130 million lost, of which $90 million were due to longs being cleared.

Forced liquidations happen when a trade is automatically terminated because the trader lacks the necessary capital to maintain their position against market trends, leading to the erosion of the initial margin or collateral they had posted.

Bitcoin’s drop below $67,000 has cleared a large number of long positions, particularly as it started the previous day above $71,000. Now over 4.2% lower within 24 hours, the leading crypto asset’s current exchange rate hovers around $66,500, as indicated by The Block’s price page.

Chart for BTC/USD. Source: The Block/TradingView

In tandem with the sharp downturn, the broader cryptocurrency measure, the GMCI 30 index, suffered a 6.8% drop to 143.40 meanwhile, Ether, the crypto industry’s runner-up, has descended by 6.5% to $3,319 within the same timeframe.

Following the market pullback, QCP Capital trading analysts observed that the options market had forecasted the downturn, with the bulk of liquidations originating from exchanges heavily frequented by retail investors.

“The options market again signaled a potential steep decline, particularly through the risk reversal’s downside skew,” stated QCP Capital representatives in their Tuesday morning report. “The dramatic momentum can be attributed to substantial forced liquidations on exchanges like Binance which saw perpetual funding rates plunge from a high of 77% to virtually nil.”

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