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Philippines Implements Cryptocurrency Restrictions; Binance Granted Exemption

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Philippines Enforces Crypto Clampdown, Binance Exempt


In the Philippines, the

National Telecommunications Commission

(NTC) has embarked on a crackdown on certain cryptocurrency exchanges operating without the requisite licenses. Following directives from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this action is a clear signal of the government’s commitment to safeguard investors and combat unauthorized financial activities within the country.

Despite the range of punitive actions against non-compliant platforms, the prominent crypto exchange Binance continues to be accessible in the Philippines, raising questions regarding the effectiveness of these regulatory efforts.

Enhanced Regulatory Oversight in the Philippine Crypto Sphere

Marking the first step, the NTC mandated internet service providers on February 21st to commence the shutdown of websites and mobile applications linked to MiTrade and


following concerns over their unauthorized investment services without proper licensing from the regulatory bodies.

According to Bitpinas, a domestic news platform, by March 7th, several major Filipino ISPs had blocked these sites, showcasing the effectiveness of the NTC’s enforcement actions. Emilio B. Aquino, the SEC Chairman, lauded these measures, emphasizing their importance in hindering the spread of fraudulent investment schemes and protecting Filipino investors’ resources.

The SEC’s

cautionary statement

on November 28th highlighted the risks of transacting with unsanctioned exchanges and identified Binance as one such entity lacking authorization. The agency warned of stiff legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment, for those partaking in or facilitating transactions on these illegal platforms. Despite these warnings, Binance remains operative in the Philippines, illustrating the intricacies of enforcement in the regulatory framework.

Regulatory Cautions and the Stance of Binance

The SEC’s commitment to investor protection is clear as it consistently communicates the perils connected with trading on unlicensed crypto exchanges. The advisory regarding Binance is a part of this effort, explicitly stating the legal ramifications for those who endorse or take part in operations on these unlicensed sites, as outlined in Section 28 of the Securities Regulation Code (SRC).

In spite of the

notices issued, Binance’s presence

in the Philippines signals an adaptive, nuanced enforcement strategy. Following the advisory, the SEC granted a three-month compliance deadline with the possibility of extension, to mitigate any holiday season disruptions and to consider the evolving regulatory environment. This allowed for a smoother transition for Filipino investors.

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