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Program Launches to Enhance Opportunities for Affluent Investors

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New Program Opens Doors For High Net Worth Traders


Prestigious digital currency marketplace initiates a novel scheme to entice affluent clients.

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Prominent cryptocurrency trading platform,, unveiled its exclusive Prime service. This initiative is aimed at pulling in individuals with substantial wealth by offering them a bonus of up to 1% on their initial deposits.

Launch of the Exclusive Prime Package

Information retrieved from‘s official site reveals that, beyond the deposit bonus, members of the Prime service will benefit from additional exceptional features within the App. The Prime membership requires a minimum account balance of $1 million.

Members will take advantage of almost negligible trading fees, gain entry to top-tier cryptocurrency trading services, and receive assurances from the team regarding the security of their $1 million accounts. Furthermore, each member will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager along with numerous other advantages and incentives. More information can be found on the Prime webpage.

Regarding the 1% deposit bonus previously mentioned, it applies to all qualifying deposits made up until April 7, which marks the end of the promotional period for the launch.

Participation Steps

Detailed instructions for interested parties can be found on the campaign page for Prime. The initial step is to activate Prime membership in the App. Following this, those who meet the requirements will receive an invitation via email to join the Prime program.

Deposits may consist of accepted cryptocurrencies, fiat money, or a combination thereof throughout the promotional period. The 1% bonus will be provided in CRO tokens. Eligible currencies include major names like BTC, ETH, DOGE, XRP, CRO, and USDT.

The bonus from deposits will be locked within the recipients’ App accounts for a duration of one year subsequent to the promotional period.

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