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Talos Integration Implemented by Uphold Ascent for Enhanced Institutional Over-The-Counter Cryptocurrency Trading Operations

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Uphold Ascent Institutional Otc Crypto Trading Platform Integrates With Talos

Uphold, a web3 financial platform, has unveiled its latest alliance with Talos, the leading institutional digital asset trading technology firm, bringing an infusion of Uphold Ascent, its institutional OTC trading service, to the Talos ecosystem.

With this partnership, the Talos Provider Network is bolstered by an additional wellspring of liquidity and institutions are granted expanded avenues to a diverse range of digital assets. The union enables Talos-utilizing institutions to tap into the superior execution services of Uphold Ascent, bolstering their trading capabilities across over 280 digital assets.

Bob Obrien UpholdBob O’Brien, Head of Institutional at Uphold, commented:

“This exciting collaboration with Talos aligns with our commitment to providing a state-of-the-art trading infrastructure to navigate the volatile world of digital assets. By integrating with the Talos network, we are opening doors for institutional entities to engage with a greater number of digital assets through our vast network of trading platforms.”

Uphold Ascent’s sophisticated order routing is connected to 30 distinct trading venues, enveloping centralized and decentralized platforms and Layer 2 (L2) blockchains, thereby accessing one of the most liquid sectors within the digital asset environment.

Daniel Packham, VP and Head of EMEA Operations at Talos, added:

“Enhancing Talos clients’ access to Uphold Ascent’s extensive liquidity pool is a milestone we welcome with enthusiasm. Uphold and Talos are united in catering to the particular demands and rigorous standards of institutional clients. This integration shores up our commitment to interfacing with top-tier liquidity sources and simplifying the complexities inherent in digital asset transactions.”

The Talos trading infrastructure is a gateway for prominent investors to engage with a significant spectrum of digital asset service providers—including exchanges, OTC desks, and custodians—through a unified user interface. The strategic partnership between Talos and Uphold Institutional exemplifies their collective dedication to refining the institutional trading framework for digital assets.

The alliance of Uphold with Talos is a testament to their shared vision of promoting fluid liquidity access in a digitally transformative market, thereby enabling institutions to implement large-scale trades with precision and security.

The Uphold Narrative

Uphold stakes its reputation on democratizing access to a vast range of crypto tokens. Serving upwards of 10 million users across over 140 countries, Uphold is a leader in the web3 financial space, providing businesses and consumers with unfettered access to digital assets and services. The platform’s intuitive “Anything to Anything” trading interface allows for seamless transactions across digital currencies, national fiat currencies, and precious metals. Beyond offering optimal execution routes across 30 trading avenues rendering superior liquidity, Uphold is known for its principled stance on not loaning customer assets and maintaining 100% reserves at all times. It stands out for its groundbreaking transparency initiatives, including real-time publication of its reserves every half-minute on its Transparency page (

Uphold conforms to stringent regulations, being recognized by FinCen and various State regulators in the U.S., by the FCA and FINTRAC in the UK and Canada, and by the Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania in Europe.

For institutional demands, Uphold’s OTC service, Uphold Ascent, provides tailored execution services. It promises an integrated, secure, and efficient trading environment for high-volume transactions, backstopped by comprehensive market research and insights.

Insights into Talos

Talos offers a robust institutional-grade technological framework that encapsulates all aspects of the digital asset trading cycle: liquidity procurement, pricing strategy, execution, settlement, lending, borrowing, and management of portfolios. Developed by an unmatched team of experts in institutional trading system design, the Talos infrastructure connects institutions to the digital asset market’s pivotal players—exchanges, OTC desks, prime brokers, and more—via a singular point of entry. By streamlining the entire trade process, Talos effectively reduces intermediary risks and ensures best execution outcomes for its clients.

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