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Trading Cryptocurrencies Using Cutting-Edge Derivative Instruments

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Launched in 2019, Margex has quickly emerged as a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange specializing in derivative trading. It has rapidly gained a solid reputation among a substantial user base, evolving into a successful platform where traders can engage in leveraged trading with up to 100x leverage across various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Continue reading for an in-depth review of Margex’s offerings.

Services Provided by Margex

Margex differentiates itself with a suite of value-added services unique among cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Streamlined Sign-up Process

Margex Registration Process

The sign-up procedure at Margex is exceedingly quick, requiring just a minute to initiate. Users simply enter their email, hit the “Register” button, and proceed to verify their email. Upon confirmation, depositing funds and trading begin effortlessly.

  • Introducing the MP Shield™

To tackle cryptocurrency market’s volatility and irregularities, Margex has proactively designed the innovative MP Shield System to shield clients from price manipulation risks, thus reducing unfair liquidation scenarios often encountered on other exchanges. The system is unique to Margex.

Asset prices on Margex are decided by combined liquidity from over 12 providers, avoiding assets with low liquidity that may lead to pumped prices through manipulative “pump and dump” schemes. Margex’s AI-backed algorithms continually regulate price feeds to maintain honest pricing and consistent market conditions.

  • Liquidity Pool from Multiple Providers

Margex aggregates liquidity from more than a dozen providers, offering an extensive order book that presents real-time, relevant pricing with tight spreads.

  • Sanctioned Leverage up to 100x

Margex is a go-to for cryptocurrency derivatives, providing sanctioned leverage between 5x and 100x and, in the case of forex pairs, leverage extending to 500x.

  • Favorable Trading Fees

Margex is notable for omitting commissions on cryptocurrency deposits and maintaining fixed trading fees at competitive rates.


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