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6G set to fuel mobile metaverse ecosystems

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6G Expected To Power Mobile Metaverse Ecosystems

OPPO has released a pair of whitepapers focusing on the potential of 6G in the future.

Similar to 5G, much of the focus for 6G is on entertainment experiences.

One exciting possibility is the development of a mobile metaverse due to the high speeds promised by 6G.

After the conclusion of Mobile World Congress 2024, OPPO shared two whitepapers exploring 6G.

The company specifically examined how 6G could enable the creation of two major ecosystems – Mobile AI Computing and the Mobile Metaverse.

Although widespread deployment of 6G is still in the future, the theoretical speeds suggested for this standard indicate it could be significantly faster than current 5G speeds. Estimates suggest speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second (Gbps) with 6G.

OPPO believes that with these faster speeds and improved capabilities, 6G could blend the physical and virtual worlds.

The company has proposed a ‘Minimized Kernel’ system design to provide a basic set of functions accessible through a core subsystem, along with specialized subsystems for specific tasks.

The potential introduction of the mobile metaverse could be facilitated by the high speeds of 6G, making persistent digital ecosystems more accessible.

However, OPPO notes that challenges like immersive displays, environmental sensing, real-time control, and ubiquitous coverage need to be addressed to bring the mobile metaverse to life.

6G is envisioned to offer higher performance across various scenarios while minimizing costs for widespread implementation across industries.

OPPO emphasizes the need for a comprehensive mapping ability in 6G to connect the physical world, in addition to the high data rates and low latency provided by 5G.

While 6G is still far from being practical for everyday use, it could play a crucial role in realizing the mobile metaverse.

To access OPPO’s 2023 6G White Paper in PDF format, click here.

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