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AAA Web3 Metaverse Battle Royale Game Being Developed for Consoles

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Readyverse Studios and developer Walker Labs have announced OPEN, which they describe as the “first AAA quality metaverse experience interoperable with AAA IP utilizing web3 technology”. It might sound a bit technical, but essentially, they’re creating a high-quality virtual world that merges with popular intellectual properties.

OPEN will feature a third-person battle royale game as its main attraction, set in a multi-dimensional platform called ‘The Readyverse’. Players can explore various themed environments inspired by beloved franchises, similar to the concept of Ready Player One.

Notably, Readyverse Studios was founded by Ernest Cline, the author of Ready Player One, and Walker Labs includes industry veterans from major game companies like Epic Games, DICE, and Ubisoft. The game will launch with a Ready Player One-themed biome, offering competitive challenges based on the book and movie.

For the battle royale mode, OPEN will offer a mix of cooperative and competitive gameplay, including tactics, shooting, and driving challenges. Partnerships with brands like Reebok and DeLorean have already been confirmed. Executive Producer Wajhi Jafri stated, “Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality experiences with popular and original IP in OPEN.”

“We’re excited to work closely with Ernest Cline to create a rich and engaging world that fans have been waiting for,” Jafri continued. “Our goal is to provide an immersive experience for all players, drawing from the success of Ready Player One and other beloved franchises.”

OPEN is currently under development for consoles and PC. Be sure to watch the teaser below for a sneak peek at what’s to come.

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