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AMPD Ventures says subsidiary showcasing ‘Shakespeare in the Metaverse’ project

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Ampd Ventures Says Subsidiary Showcasing 'Shakespeare In The Metaverse' Project

AMPD Ventures Inc (CSE:AMPD, OTCQB:AMPDF) said its operating subsidiary, Departure Lounge Inc is showcasing its groundbreaking ‘Shakespeare in the Metaverse’ project at the BC Institute of Technology’s (BCIT) downtown Vancouver campus this week.

Developed in conjunction with Vancouver-based Kreis Immersive, with funding from the prestigious Canada Media Fund, the Shakespeare in the Metaverse prototype takes a narrative slice of Macbeth, featuring talented actors from the vibrant Vancouver theatre community and bringing them into a new compelling VR-based experience.

Through the magic of Departure Lounge’s volumetric human performance capture, actors are seamlessly integrated into an elaborate Edwardian-style VR environment. Up to 20 audience members can immerse themselves in the performance and interact with objects in the scene and with each other to drive the action forward.

The public’s engagement with the prototype is designed to enable Departure Lounge and Kreis to collect user feedback and data on this new form of location-based multiuser VR concept for theatrical performances, leading to ongoing product improvements.

“If you’re passionate about new and innovative digital media experiences, a lover of VR or theatre, or simply intrigued by Shakespeare’s timeless stories in a cutting-edge form, this event is for you!” said Jaclynn Wong, senior producer at Departure Lounge in a statement.

“This project blurs the lines between traditional theatre and immersive digital experiences and has enabled us to conduct a significant amount of R&D into new forms of immersive storytelling in general,” she added.

The Shakespeare in the Metaverse Prototype Showcase is being held July 10-July 14, 2023, at BCIT Collider Space, 2F, 555 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 3H6.

Interested parties can secure a free ticket by visiting the following link: Due to limited seating capacity, interested parties should reserve their spot for a specific date and time.

Supercharged by volumetric capture and other technologies, Departure Lounge offers next-generation media production and creative services, creating 3D, immersive worlds for every screen from mobile phones to giant LED virtual production walls, and for every sector from film and television production, through immersive training applications to real estate and digital twinning.

AMPD Ventures is assembling a portfolio of synergistic subsidiary companies to advance the way we create, distribute, and consume digital content. AMPD is building an advanced, sustainable range of infrastructure and technology solutions, as well as production and creative services for the new era of digital content experiences.

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