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Blending the Metaverse with Reality

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Blending The Metaverse With Reality

Working on both virtual and real-world projects, TTcoin aims to establish a strong and reliable foundation in the rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency market.

TTcoin Network, founded on March 24, 2021, by Tayfun Taner and Tunahan Taner, is a TRC-20 smart contract operating on the TRON network. The project embarked on an intensive period of development, leading to the creation of two significant applications: the TTcoin mining app and TTcoin Network. The team’s active efforts saw TTcoin launch on the Google Play store on June 16, 2021, rapidly gaining one million users and making impressive strides towards achieving its goals.

Within just three months, TTcoin secured listings on eight different exchanges, resulting in a remarkable 400% increase in its value. At its peak, TTcoin’s value surged an astonishing 1900%. The project’s dedication to real-world utility and institutionalism prompted the team to adopt a new logo featuring the letters TC.

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