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Exploring Hyundai’s Future Adventures in the Car Metaverse Worlds

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Hyundai Motor Company has entered the virtual world of Roblox with its ‘Hyundai Future Adventure’ world, an interactive experience aimed at engaging younger audiences with the brand’s vision of future mobility. Officially launched following a preview at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, this Roblox metaverse offers players the opportunity to delve into Hyundai’s innovative technologies through a series of six jump-action challenges. These challenges take place in various themed environments that showcase different aspects of Hyundai’s advancements, such as robotics, electric vehicles (EVs), advanced air mobility (AAM), and hydrogen technology.

The ‘Hyundai Future Adventure’ serves as an educational platform where gamers can gain insights into sustainable values and futuristic concepts. The adventure maps feature the H-tech campus, showcasing cutting-edge technology; the HTWO waterpark, highlighting the power of hydrogen; the Robotics lab, presenting a range of Hyundai robots; the Spacecraft horizon, focusing on cosmic exploration; the Botanic garden, promoting the sustainable values of the IONIQ lineup; and Antarctica, which showcases Hyundai’s rescue robots. In addition to the gameplay, Hyundai has introduced a range of digital items and accessories on the Roblox Marketplace, allowing players to personalize their avatars with unique Hyundai-themed elements.

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