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Maison Margiela introduces its Tabi boot to the virtual world in the metaverse

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Maison Margiela Is Taking Its Tabi Boot To The Metaverse

Maison Margiela is bringing its iconic Tabi boot to the digital world with the release of the Margiela MetaTABI in partnership with The Fabricant. This NFT collection includes two editions – a super-limited white MetaTABI with only 15 units available, and a limited edition black MetaTABI with 1,500 units.

The super-limited version will come with a physical Tabi boot and the NFT digital collectible, offering access to metaverse and augmented reality features. The limited edition MetaTABI will include a custom-made leather wallet from Maison Margiela, serving as a ‘mint-pass’ for priority access to upcoming collections.

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