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Meta Continues its Commitment to the Enterprise Metaverse

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Meta Remains Committed To Enterprise Metaverse

When Meta first introduced the Horizon Worlds platform and the concept of the Metaverse, they set high expectations. However, despite initial hype and marketing efforts to promote quick adoption, Meta’s Metaverse ambitions seemed to fade into the background.

In a recent post, Meta acknowledged that while the excitement around the Metaverse has dwindled, with the focus shifting towards emerging technologies like genAI, the company remains “committed to both.”

Meta also highlighted the “promising opportunities” for Metaverse applications in the enterprise sector. They emphasized the potential value of shared immersive experiences for training and education purposes.

Additionally, Meta mentioned their exploration of XR’s impact on learning outcomes in a blog post. The company showcased a collaboration demo called Caddy, which enables remote groups to collaborate on VR/MR CAD models.

Meta explained how the Caddy demo demonstrates how VR/MR technology can enhance accessibility to tools like CAD and 3D modeling software, leveling the playing field for users.

Furthermore, Meta mentioned that their Metaverse research could have significant benefits for various sectors such as healthcare, sports, and entrepreneurship. Consumer interest in VR/MR applications through the Quest portfolio is also on the rise. Fitness and wellness applications are leading the way in consumer use cases for VR/MR on the Quest, according to recent sales data.

Meta is Committed to the Metaverse

Despite a decline in consumer interest in the Metaverse, Meta expressed their commitment to the concept. The company had not mentioned their investment in at least a year at the Connect showcase.

It seemed like Meta was shifting its focus towards XR gaming and AR-lite consumer wearables. However, Meta’s XR research division turned a profit for the first time at the end of the year, earning £1 million in that period.

The profitable quarter allowed Meta to reassess its goals and strategies for the XR space. Mark Zuckerberg met with LG’s CEO and President to discuss potential collaborations on XR devices, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership between the two companies.

LG believes that combining their smart device OS with Meta’s XR portfolio could create a technology ecosystem that competes with established offerings like Apple’s Vision Pro. As Meta transitions away from Oculus accounts and data, significant developments could be on the horizon in the coming months.

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